The Grounds

The grounds comprise five acres, highlighted by crystal clear Dingmans Creek. The babbling creek is rich in character, with waterfalls, wonderful rock formations and a tranquil swimming area. Poised over the creek an enchanting foot bridge acts as a pedestal for two reading chairs and a side table, and is the perfect spot for an afternoon idyll.

The location is ideal for outdoor entertaining. The centerpiece is a 100-foot hemlock, which acts as a canopy over a 4 foot by 10-foot stone table. The outdoor hearth and walls of the main house and cottage provide a warm and cozy atmosphere. The grounds have been used to entertain up to 200 people. Other locations for entertaining include the large screened porch, the small stone table along side the cottage, and the tennis court.

Three outbuildings add charm tothe location. The stone well-house is a miniature replica of the main house. The screened porch, which is the gateway to the tennis court, is a comfortable space for relaxing after a tennis match or picnicing out of the sun. The saltbox studio offers a large space for assembling and storing props.

Dense tall pine trees surround the tennis court and the fence is partially covered with mature wisteria vines. Don Budge, who was the first winner ever of the tennis Grand Slam, gave tennis instruction on the courtside.

The freestanding porch, with both screened and unscreened areas, features a hand-carved tennis icon and is affectionately named 'The Center Court.'